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Hidden treasures worth to be explored. Their untouched beauty and the breathtaking rocky Cycladic landscape create a captivating environment. On this amazing little islands of exceptional beauty you can enjoy the gold soft sand and the turquoise water. Ideal for those who seek isolation and relaxation.

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Koufonisia island is one of the most popular


We arrive at these amazing little islands that are so close you think you can walk from one to another, we will be having a small tour around Keros, Antikeros, Kato Koufonissi, Sxinousa and Iraklia. Swim stops on every little rocky island , can't miss the turquoise waters of exceptional beauty. Snorkelling is a must! Lunch choices between Iraklia and Pano Koufonissi. Iraklia is ideal for complete relaxation, quiet and very low profile and on the other hand Pano Koufonissi is a bit more cosmopolitan and busy. 

Our Professional Crew


Captain Theodore

Our captain Theodore with more than 30 years experience into the Greek Seas will make sure you do not miss anything of what the Aegean has to offer, since he has explored almost every Greek island and knows insular Greece like the back of his hand.


Hostess Kymothea

Our hostess Kymothea, born and raised in the sea, will ensure to accommodate every need of yours in the best way. Very friendly with excellent communication skills will be your personal guide and host throughout the whole journey.


Extra Services

  • Restaurant reservations

  • Chef on board

  • Tender services for Mega Yachts

  • Private tour guides

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